Let us introduce ourselves

A Few Words About Us

Augusta Lawn Care is a family run business with over 25 years’ experience in property maintenance. Our team provides exceptional service and our programs are personalized for your specific needs.  We provide a full range of services to both residential and commercial properties. Please call to have us come by and discuss your lawn care needs!

Ours Services


Weekly and Bi-weekly mowing programs are available for all residential and commercial customers. This service includes the mow, trimming of edges and blowing of all clippings off of hard services.


Annual core aeration combined with periodic power raking are important components of a successful lawn care program.  Improved movement of water, nutrition and oxygen into the soil are only a few of the key benefits.


Our Irrigation services include spring start-ups, repair, small renovations and fall blow-outs. We also offer a yearly irrigation packages which includes monthly monitoring of your system to ensure it is operating as efficiently as possible throughout the season.


Weeds will take advantage of thin undernourished grass and will continue to be a problem until a healthy, thick stand of turf is established. We use only professional grade fertilizer products and can design a program specifically for your lawns needs with one of our yearly fertilizer packages.


Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying your yard than spending your valuable time cleaning it? Let us take care of the dirty work for you. Clean ups can include leaf removal, preparing beds, pruning, edging and more. Call us to discuss your clean up.


Products can be applied at appropriate times to help control unwanted weeds until the turf is healthy and less susceptible to weed invasion. Over time the need for weed control products is reduced or not required.


Topdressing has long been an important maintenance practice in the golf industry. Its many benefits are now being realized on residential and commercial turf areas. Topdressing is the addition of material in a thin layer of material to your lawns surface. Benefits are many; including the opportunity to add organic matter, leveling the surface and improving soil structure.


With a Degree in Turf Grass Management and over 25 years of experience to draw from we can offer advice in many facets of your facility. If you require help with irrigation, fertility issues, equipment recommendations, budgeting or maintenance practices; give us a call to arrange a site visit. Our consultation services are available for residential and commercial properties and sports fields.


Spring is an excellent time to aerate your lawn. This will reduce compaction and improve water, oxygen and nutrient movement in to the soil. The healthier and thicker the stand of turf the more resistant it is to weed invasion, disease and stress conditions.


Lawns require regular fertilizing to remain healthy throughout the season. At Augusta Lawn Care we recommend the use of high quality products to provide slow feeding with lasting results. Our staff will gladly design a program specifically for your lawn or inform you about our fertilizer program options.


Regular mowing is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Ensure your blades are sharp to avoid tearing the plant and mow at a height optimal for growth. Heights of 2 ½” to 3” during the summer months is recommended.


An audit of your irrigation system in the spring will identify any problems you may have.  This will allow you to repair or adjust your irrigation to ensure your lawn and plants are receiving the appropriate amount of water. We offer a variety of irrigation services if help is needed.

Our Mission

Augusta Lawn Care is Committed

Augusta Lawn Care’s goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality lawn care possible. We utilizing professional products, personalized programs and exceptional customer service. We also strive to create a rewarding environment for are employees to succeed with meeting our companies and our customers high expectations.